Peter Kos


If you think "wow! these are rad", and have a conference/event you'd like me
to speak at, reach out on Mastodon, or email :)

Swift Closures

A cursory overview of Closures in Swift.


A meta-talk about presenting style, designing slides, and distilling complex code to an audience.


LLDB + chisel

An introduction to debugging techniques in LLDB, featuring Chisel, a script package with helpful commands.


The final presesentation for CSCI 761, where I presented a paper on reconfigurable distributed networks.


A mid-cycle presentation for our team's VR project, where I developed an aleatoric, dynamically-composed, 3D spatial “soundtrack” that spliced together stems from two of our collaborating artist’s song, moving in phases to create a narrative flow.


A deep-dive on branches and merge conflicts.