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Hello, World!

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I figured it's time I finally made a blog.

With all of the projects I have going on (especially codeRIT stuff), there's hours of cool ideas and projects that never really see the light of day: Discord bots, shell scripts.

There's also many hours of debugging that I want to document. Both for my future self, and any other people who struggle with the same things. I also have some strong, naïve opinions on project management, team culture, software culture, and the like -- opinions I'm proably very, very wrong on. But hey, content is content.

Behind the Background

I'm using Zola and a hacked-up version of hyde. It's a joy to use, super fast, and of course, built in Rust! 🦀

What's going to go on here?

I'm so glad you asked. Th--

How Often?

If I'm programming at least a few times a week, I'll guaranteed have a post up once every two weeks. It's just how things go.

However, if I ever decide to break out as a YouTube vlogging star or something, that might take priority. Expect an post on that at some point.